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High Albedo

Means Low Lighting Costs for Parking Areas


Reduces Heat Island Effect | High Albedo | Local Manufacture | No Toxic Runoff | Supports Recycling



aldebo comparisonConcrete surfaces have a much higher albedo (measure of reflectance) than competitive paving materials. Specifications requiring a minimum surface albedo are becoming increasingly common. The inherently light color of concrete naturally reflects heat and light. Studies have shown that concrete's reflectivity can lower lighting costs by as much as 30% over other pavements.


Concrete's high albedo means more light is reflected and less heat is absorbed, resulting in cooler communities. This concrete characteristic is particularly noteworthy in comparison to alternatives for paving and roofing.



Simply by choosing concrete pavement and reducing the heat island effect, air conditioning costs can be lowered by as much as 18%, the intensity of air pollution lessened and the risk of heat-related health problems reduced.



Concrete pavements also reduce energy usage and costs by requiring fewer lighting fixtures to provide the same illumination level.