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Economic Benefits

Concrete Parking Lots... an investment that pays in the short-term...
and then delivers long-term savings as compared to asphalt.


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The "first cost" price benefit of asphalt compared to concrete has been eroding steadily in recent years and disappeared entirely in many areas during 2008. This trend is explained in part by asphalt’s petroleum-based composition and the impact of long-term oil price increases. But another important factor is that refiners are increasingly producing more profitable fuels and other compounds from the barrel of oil resulting in reduced liquid asphalt availability—a trend that is expected to accelerate in the future. This is why asphalt prices have remained high with ongoing shortages in some areas even after the collapse of oil prices at the end of 2008. Concrete offers ample supply and price dependability for the future.


Normal maintenance costs of asphalt pavements—sealing, re-striping, resurfacing, and loss of business during maintenance operations—greatly exceed those needed for concrete. Click here for a real-world example of the penalty associated with asphalt maintenance downtime.


Concrete increases curb appeal for customers and tenants, boosting rental values and revenue.


Concrete parking areas may include an integral curb and gutter, saving time and reducing subcontract labor.


Concrete parking lots stay cooler to reduce energy costs.


Concrete’s brighter reflectivity can lower infrastructure and ongoing lighting costs, while boosting safety for vehicles and pedestrians. Comparative research by the Portland Cement Association demonstrated that concrete parking areas require fewer lighting elements than other surfaces and can yield energy savings up to 60 percent.


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