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Benefits of Concrete Streets

The streets shown below are typical of the long years of service provided by concrete.


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concrete street Duluth, MN

Built in 1910, East 7th Street concrete pavement in Duluth, Minnesota was scored to resemble brick.




concrete street Cannonsburg, PA

Pitt Street, Cannonsburg, PA. Built in 1916, this hilly street has had little maintenance.




concrete street Longview, WA

One of many old concrete streets in Longview, Washington, built in the early 1920s.
Note its unusual jointing pattern.





concrete street Whittier, CA

Busy Beverly Boulevard, Whittier, California, built in 1929.




concrete street Fond du Lac, WI

Hoyt Street, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, built without joints in 1913, is still serving the community.




concrete street Roanoke, VA

Market Street, built in 1923, is still serving downtown Roanoke, VA.