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LEED Point Rating System

Stormwater Management Rate and Quality



Sustainable Sites Credit 6.1


The intent of this credit is to limit disruption and pollution of natural water flows by managing stormwater runoff. Using pervious concrete pavements will reduce the rate and quantity of storm water runoff because they increase infiltration of stormwater. Pervious concrete contains coarse aggregate, little or no fine aggregate, and insufficient cement paste to fill the voids between the coarse aggregate. It results in concrete with a high volume of voids (20% to 35%) and a high permeability that allows water to flow through easily. Similar results can be achieved by using concrete pavers that have large voids where vegetation can grow. This credit is worth one point.


pervious concrete



LEED Credits

Examples of LEED credits that can be earned by utilizing concrete in the construction of parking areas:


arrowStormwater Management Rate and Quantity

(Sustainable Sites Credit 6.1)


arrowConstruction Waste Management

(Materials Credit 2)


arrowRecycled Content

(Materials Credit 4)


arrowLocal/Regional Materials

(Materials Credit 5)


arrowLandscape & Exterior Design to Reduce Heat Islands

(Sustainable Sites Credit 7.1)



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